Mounting network shares on appvm startup? (fstab?)

Hi, I have an appvm which I would like to automatically mount a home network share and thought that to do so, and have persistence, I would add a line:

sshfs#stumpy@ /home/user/Music/ fuse defaults,allow_other 0 0



which I did but nada? This could have to do with my server and ssh keys but first I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing to the right file.


Put the line to mount it in /rw/config/rc.local & mark the file as executable.

Thanks, so I assume you mean “mount line” like I would do from the term as opposed to how it would be for the fstab?
If yes, thats totally fine additional question i guess (not qubes specific i admit) but is there a secure way to pass the password as a oneliner for sshfs? (as it seems I havent been able to figure why keys arent working).