Motherboard USB ports disconnect and reconnect randomly

Hello, I hope I can post this here since it isn’t Qubes specific, I’ve been having this issue on Qubes 4.2.1 and Windows 11. The issue is whatever device I put into my motherboard usb ports (new mouse or keyboard) it will stop and start working again. To be specific if its my keyboard thats in the motherboard usb port and if I am typing something like this will hapen “typing atttttttttttttttttttempt”, if it would be my new mouse in the motherboard usb port, the cursor will stop moving and teleport to where I was moving my mouse. None of these issues happen if I have my keyboard or new mouse plugged into my PC case usb port however, and what’s strange is that my old mouse does not have any issues if its plugged into the case usb port or the motherboard usb port. Are my motherboard usb ports broken or is it that my keyboard and new mouse are broken in a way? My motherboard is a MSI MAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4