Motherboard recommendation

I have a 12th gen intel i9-12900K and would like to find a motherboard that supports it with core/libreboot. Would anyone recommend anything (or has anyone found anything to work) as I haven’t had any luck looking for boards that are supported. Thanks in advance.

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The MSI PRO Z690-A and MSI PRO Z790-P will work with your CPU and Coreboot.

I don’t think there are any other motherboards that will work with Coreboot.


Thanks for your recommendation, it’s exactly what I am looking for. I’m also interested on minimizing the impact of the intel me, or rendering it useless. I’m not sure if an option exists to disable some me functionality from the coreboot bios, but from what I found, you can’t get rid of it entirely or the computer won’t boot. I don’t want to introduce unnecessary risk, and it seems to me that very is little is known about the me and whether or not it is a backdoor.
me_cleaner seems to reduce the attack surface by removing unnecessary parts of it, or if I could safely remove/control it further that would be good. I’d do whatever I can without bricking my pc, with minimal risk. Is there anything you’d suggest?

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I used this with idftool to mitigate the ME but i believe nowadays coreboot has build options in make nconfig which do something similar

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Dasharo has options in the firmware to enable/disable ME.