Most secure way to transfer passwords from one (less secure) PC to the Qubes Vault?

As per the recommendation in the docs, it’s much safer to transfer data from a secure system to an unsecure one than vice versa. I would like to transfer some of my passwords to the offline KeepassXC vault. What’s the best way to do so for maximum security, excluding manually typing them in (which I’ve done for a few passwords so far, but I have hundreds to transfer, so that’s not gonna happen).

In my opinion, these are the best methods:

  1. Upload the original database to a secure online service like Bitwarden on PC1 (better if it’s encrypted within a Veracrypt container), open in an AppVM, send encrypted container to the vault, decrypt container and database.
  2. This, I think, is a less safe method, but it doesn’t require internet. Do the same as above except use a USB to transfer.

Any thoughts?