More secure: "Qubes weekly" vs "Fedora Release"

What would generally be considered more secure to install on a real standalone machine (not VM) on any given day:
the latest Qubes weekly build
the latest Fedora Release

I’m tempted because I need hardware support, which Qubes Release doesn’t provide yet. How much worse generally is the latest Qubes weekly build compared with Qubes Release, from a security standpoint?

(The question is not about the security of the building or the downloading process – let’s assume that’s all fine – but about security of the resulting system once installed. Whether anything meaningful can be said in that regard…)

Please see Qubes OS 4.2 Signed Weekly Builds. Weekly builds for R4.2 are now securely built like official releases (this is not the case for R4.1 ones). I’m using one of R4.2 ones as of writing to you. One problem is that this if full testing repositories enabled so you may catch new bugs that are not fixed yet.

Yes, thanks, I understand that. My question was not about the “security of the building process”, but about the security of the system once installed – given that it’s in testing/beta… “New bugs” or “more bugs” possibly includes “security bugs”, i.e. as a general statement less secure than R4.1 official? That’s the kind of thing I’m enquiring about. Compare weekly testing build of Qubes vs Release version of Fedora, security-wise, in terms of security bugs risks. Could a weekly testing build of Qubes be so much worse in terms of security of the resulting machine that a Release version of Fedora (presumably more thoroughly tested?) becomes more advisable?