I’ve recently had issues with apps consuming too much memory and freezing the qube (ofcourse dom0 worked fine, and I could just kill the qube and restart it, which is super nice).

This prompted me to think about how I would love to see memory spiraling before the qube gets unresponsive.

I would love some kind of “qubes monitoring” tool which could be either as a widget on desktop, or just seperate window. I would love to see a list of qubes and next to each CPU usage and memory consumption (note: I’m not talking about how much memory was assigned to qube, but how much is in use right now). Another nice thing would be to see the total disk space (again, not how much was assigned, but how much is used right now).

qube1: 50% of 4 vcpu, 4096 / 8192 (50%) MB RAM, 2 / 10 (20%) GB disk space
qube2: 20% of 2 vcpu, 1024 / 4096 (25%) MB RAM, 8 / 12 (75%) GB disk space

and so on for all currently running qubes.

Obviously not gonna happen soon, but I’m leaving that as some idea for improvement, I would definately love and others may too.