Monitoring network usage

Hello, I was wondering whether there is a command I could type into the terminal of Dom0 to monitor network download and upload speed and total amounts of data received and sent? My internet provider has a cap on Gb used per month.

Why in dom0?

I personally use iftop under sys-net. It doesn’t log across reboots, though, but gives clear insights on throughput and bandwidth used in a session.

That means installing iftop on the template used by sys-net.

If looking for something that keeps track between reboots, maybe doing that inside of qubes is not the way to go, even less if you roam.

In my opinion, the best way to do this is from your router? (The capping “source”).

You seem to have missed architectural properties of Qubes OS. dom0 has no oversight of sys-net nor its network cards directly.

You would need to have that oversight in a qube where traffic can be observed, where sys-net is logical here since the actual qube from where all network traffic is going to/from your capped internet source either from wifi/ethernet.

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Yep. But I still think it would be more beneficial for @bill to hear from him first

And after that

Duh. I should have known. I was thinking sys-net after I left for my errands.

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