Modern mini desktop pc with ps/2

Hello all,
I’m currently using Qubes on a 10th gen intel NUC. . It’s responsive, 64gigs of RAM is good for many VMs. It works great with my large ultra wide monitor. I have a more powerful system that sits on a KVM and can switch monitor, mouse and keyboard easily if needed. I’m happy with the system overall for a day to day computer.

The only real annoyance is the lack of PS/2. I really don’t like leaving it open to badUSB. I’ve been looking around and modern motherboards do continue to attach one or sometimes two PS/2. Mostly full sized motherboards made for gamers. I did find a couple of mini-itx form factors with one PS/2.
Here they are for people interested:

  • ASRock Mini-ITX Motherboard (B450 Gaming-ITX/AC)

Anyone else had any luck with a modern small form factor PC that has one or more PS/2 connectors?

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The lack of PS/2 on modern machines is possibly the main reason I’m still using my old laptop.