Modding browser extensions in a way to make them suitable for DVM preload

Currently, if you install an extension via template, any new VM browser would start by asking you to configure it. Even if it is “Open in Qube” one. This is kind of unwanted and annoying for disposable VMs. Can we fix it somehow? And skipping the browser first-time run dialogs, too.

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I’ll second this.

For a while there I had my browser configured to load the download helper, but download helper would, every time I opened the disposable browser, download and then pop up a tab congratulating me.

One solution to this…well, it’s sort of a solution…is to run your dvm template once and configure the browser that one time. The problem with that is (at least with firefox) is you will have the same user id (the random character hash name of the directory your user profile is in, inside the mozilla folder) every time you run your disposable. So what’s actually needed is a way to pre-configure your browser before you run it for the first time; that way the first time you run it, it’s the way you like. The arkenfox method (with additions by me to set things up the way I like it) gets me a huge part of the way there (no first time picture of the guy with the grinder and another page lying to me about how much firefox values my privacy, at least). (One thing I do is kill the “search from the url box” jackassery, since that’s just a good way to tell google what you’re doing; any typo gets sent to them.)

Even with all this, it still doesn’t help me with download helper’s idiotic congratulations page.

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Profiles are located in the user home directory in /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/. Each profile contain the extensions that were installed using that same profile. You can use something like policies (like Librewolf is doing it) to download the extensions you want and to edit firefox settings.
The other way is like @SteveC described.

Policies is what I use to download extensions now. But I cannot automate configuring, granting permissions and removing stupid consent and splash screens :frowning:

Maybe this can work for you?

That’s how librewolf configure the browser. It’s located in the Firefox installation directory so it should apply globally.

Does not look like it can help with the extensions config – or at least it is not documented in this way :frowning: I found some permissions in extension-preferences.json, but apparently not all all of them

It depends on the extensions I guess. Librewolf use a script for uBlock to add custom filters to the main filter list:

I’m not sure when and how it’s executed.

Edit: I think it’s executed beforehand since the assets are already containing the custom filters. They use this to load the settings:

Not sure if you can do that for all extensions, this need more research.