Missing VM app icons in tray

When I start Hexchat in whonix-ws AppVM then its icon appear in dom0 system tray.
But if I install Hexchat in fedora-37 or debian-11 (not minimal) template and run Hexchat in AppVM based on these templates then the Hexchat icon is not appearing in system tray.
What package do I need to install in fedora/debian for the VM app icons to appear in dom0 tray?

I have a LOT of icons missing in dom0 tray, to name a few, maestral and eversticky.

The problem is that for the same app (e.g. Hexchat) the icon appears for whonix but not for debian/fedora template. So some package is missing in debian/fedora template for icon to show up in dom0 tray.

Ok, I was testing this incorrectly with hexchat. In whonix when I start hexchat it’ll open the main window, but in debian/fedora it’ll open NetworkList window. And with only NetworkList window hexchat icon won’t appear in tray.

But hexchat was just for a test, I’m missing the Signal Messenger icon from tray so I was testing other apps as well.

Amazingly, the eversticky and maestral incons are just blank, but signal does not show any icon at all!

I just had to add --use-tray-icon option to the signal command in desktop file. Totally forgot that signal doesn’t have tray icon by default.