Missing script for dom0 update?


I’m trying to update dom0 in Qubes 4.1 but encounter the following error:

sh: line 1: /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-download-dom0-updates.sh: No such file or directory
Fetching updates failed with code 127; press Enter to exit

See screenshot:

sys-firewall is using the default fedora-36-dvm created at installation.

Updating using the gui tool “Qubes Update” results in the same error.

Is there someplace I can download this qubes-download-dom0-updates.sh script or is there another command to update dom0?

What are you using for the Dom0 update qube? (Check in Qubes Global
What template does that qube use?

Good catch, realized that I was basing my fedora-36-dvm off a minimal template that was missing the qubes-core-agent-dom0-updates package. Changed it and now it is working :slight_smile: