Missing qubes-download-dom0-updates.sh

I was trying to do a reinstall of a debian-10 template and I got this error message:

bash: /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-download-dom0-updates.sh: No such file or directory

Has anyone come across this? I’m not sure how this shell script got deleted, but how am I supposed to fix this?

@marmarek , I noticed that my shell script for qubes-download-dom0-updates is missing? Not sure what happened to it. Is it ok to copy the file from the github site into the dom0?

Anything else I should be worried about? thanks in advance.

FYI, it is a 4.0.4 install. I had planned to upgrade to 4.1 beta, but no dom0 updates are working right now.

Are you using minimal template based VM for UpdateVM maybe? See qubes-prefs updatevm. If so, you may need to install extra packages there to use it as updatevm: Minimal templates | Qubes OS

Thanks @marmarek . I’m using my vpn VM wihich is based on a full VM template.

The problem I’m coming up with is not in the appvm though. in dom0 the file /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-download-dom0-updates.sh is missing. that is the error message I am getting.

There was never such file in dom0. Only in UpdateVM.

aahh, good to know. I was misunderstanding the error statement I am seeing in the dom0 terminal. Thanks!