Missing default-mgmt-dvm. Is my Qubes Update tool broken?

After performing the in-place upgrade from R4.1 to R4.2, I noticed that when upgrading templates with the Qubes Update tool the default-mgmt-dvm qube no longer comes up. With R4.1 the default-mgmt-dvm would first come up, then the qube to be updated would come up. The updates would usually take a few minutes, at least. Now each qube updates quite fast, often under a minute. Is this normal behavior or is my qubes updater broken?

Does the above have anything to do with the fact that default-mgmt-dvm is now hidden by default within the Qube Manager?

I tried to find information on this in the R4.2 release notes and forum, but couldn’t find a direct mention.

it’s there - but hidden! You have to make it visible by checking “Show Internal” under VIEW in Qubes Manager

Please read the full post. I acknowledge this fact, but the main concern is that regardless of whether I check “Show internal” the default-mgmt-dvm still does not come up during updates.

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In Qubes 4.2, the updater no longer uses the mgmt template.


That’s actually a huge incentive to upgrade. It took quite some time to spool that qube up and shut it down, multiplied by many, many templates…

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Thanks for the info!