Missing a package for Ledger hardware wallet support in Fedora minimal Qube

I’ve gotten to the point where I have my Ledger connecting to my browser correctly in my personal Qube; but, it cannot connect in my minimal Qube. I can see it, however metamask does not finish the process. Anyone know which package I should add?

Can’t say that I do but, here’s a path that ought lead you to it …

A) While you try to use/connect your wallet, watch the logs of your minimal template with:

# journalctl -f


# journalctl -f -xe


# journalctl -f | grep ledger

(Prefix with sudo if not logged in w/root-level permissions)

B) Look for any ledger-oriented errors which may offer a hint toward to the missing package(s)

C) Obtain a list of packages installed in each qubes with:

dnf list --installed | awk '{print $1}' >> out-1
dnf list --installed | awk '{print $1}' >> out-2

D) Diff the files with:

diff out-1 out-2

Hope it works out!

try install qubes-usb-proxy

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I read OP’s statement of “I can see it” to indicate that they’ve already done so …

Yeah, it shows up to Brave, even without that package. But, I can’t interact with it.

Logs have not proven fruitful so far. On the full Fedora I just get a couple messages after attaching to metamask.

This is what I see in dmesg after the Ledger is successfully paired:

[ 514.222296] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 32
[ 514.222334] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 514.849700] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 38
[ 514.849785] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 515.471025] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 44
[ 515.471069] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 516.098122] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 50
[ 516.098162] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 516.721124] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 56
[ 516.721169] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 517.348496] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 62
[ 517.348533] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104
[ 527.022036] vhci_hcd: unlink->seqnum 68
[ 527.022076] vhci_hcd: urb->status -104

Have you installed the udev rules?

Guess I’m just going to be doing a search for the package. Can prune a couple hundred. See if installing everything works, and then search by cutting in half.

On Debian minimal with Chrome, no special packages are required in the browser qube’s template.