(Mis)understanding Standalone VMs?

I just did a clean install of Qubes and restored all my qubes from backup. The normal qubes seem to be working fine so far (although admittedly I haven’t tried them all). However, my standalone VMs say that apps are missing (“Application missing in Template!”) under Settings → Applications. The missing apps are the apps I only installed in that particular standalone qube (like Zoom and Chrome).

I thought that a standalone VM was supposed to be self-contained, and have everything it needs? Did I miss something in the way I did my backups, perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment someone can provide me.

did you check whether those applications are indeed not installed in the standalone qubes or if it’s just Qubes saying that?
if they are, then Settings → Applications → Refresh applications
also, does Qubes recognise those VMs as standalones, i.e. “Type: StandaloneVM”?