MiniPC i5 13500h


I have bought a mini pc on Aliexpress with an i5.
So far I could install Qubes OS 4.2 and it boots fast.
But somehow Qubes says that Vt-d is not enabled but BIOS says it is.
Currently I use the workaround with qubes.enable_insecure_pv_passthrough

I’ll try to figure out why Vtd is not recognized.
I had only 4.2-alpha by the hand. I will check if the issue happens also with the final 4.2.


With the final Qubes 4.2 release everything works fine and fast :star_struck:
No need to use the mentioned workaround above.
Great thanks to the devs
I’ve updated the HCL report.


Qubes-HCL-INTEL-ADL_P_AIO_V.yml (960 Bytes)


Thanks for the updated HCL report. I just submitted a pull request to add it.


Can you post a link to the PC you purchased? Having trouble identifying model and make. “Mini PC on Aliexpress” won’t really help anyone :wink: For now we’ll use “Intel ADL-P AIO-V”.