Minimum posting qualification

As this forum is now the main source of discourse IMO, (over the mailing list), and given a recent rise in what I’ll call ‘speculative/detractive’ posts, can we increase the minimum qualification required to post (that is without approval)?

By speculative/detractive, I mean posts like this:

The above thread is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Joined 1 hour ago, the thread is stupid at best, and a poor attempt at sowing discord at worst.

My main issue is with the sheer amount of such posts and it amounts to a spam which makes the forum a pain to navigate and visit at all. If not a limit on posting, I suggest at the very least there needs to be a greater hurdle to create new threads by new users; as every spam thread pushes down genuine threads when searching the forum.

@Sven @deeplow your respective thoughts are welcomed.

@Quser59 Do you care to elaborate on why the thread seems “stupid” and “not genuine” to you ?

To me it seems a very valid concern, considering that Qubes OS is potentially aimed at activists/journalists, etc.

The fact that I subscribed to this forum one hour ago simply reflect the fact that up to now I had little to contribute.

But apart from my lack of forum activity I’ve been an avid Qubes user and supporter since version 4.0 came out,
and I believe I deserve to share my toughts just like anybody else. I did post in the “General Discussions” section after all !

If you find something wrong with my post (Concerns about the Tabit Pro team being based in Russia) I believe your energy would be better served in replying to it and explain.

  • Final note: your use of the word “spam” to describe my post is particularly wrong…
    you can call it many things, it might even be “stupid” for someone, but it certainly, objectively is not spam.

Since you asked, I shall answer. I don’t care if it is ‘genuine’ or not, I made no implication it was not genuine. What I said was:

It is objectively stupid as the geographical location of the Tabit team is of no relevance. Is fibreoptic and wireless transmission limited to the realm of Russia? No, so your alleged concerns are contradictory, if you are so concerned why aren’t you questioning if the Qubes Team are covertly compromised by Russia?

Unless you are referring specifically to the provenance of individuals, and only then why there is a reasonable suspicion, your post is stupid.

Qubes could be a honeypot. But is this anything other than a stupid thing to say?
Are you forced to use Qubes? No.
Are you forced to use the Tabit team contributions? No.

I added this ‘at worst’, as if you are capable of using qubes I am surprised that you would make such a foolish post.


I’m not infallible and I have made foolish posts which related to an incident I had with my local very clever boys & girls, and I admit they added nothing to this forum.
As I said, I assume intelligence and do not assume malice in discourse. I assume the post is a foolish one, rather than attempting to sow discord. Nevertheless I have mentioned it as there is an increasing number of these posts by new accounts and it is a known tactic of hostile elements to sow discord amongst open source projects.

@Quser59: your sentiment (in general) is shared by some and options to address is are being discussed.

@passiqlat: I will address your post in it’s thread and merge the later answers here into that thread.

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@Sven Ok, thank you

This thread did not discuss minimum posting qualifications (and idea worth discussing in its own thread), but the contents of another thread. Relevant answers have been merged. This topic is closed.

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