Minimal templates - Fedora vs. Debian

Hi. I have now set up some minimal templates on my laptop based on Debian (and it works well), but now I wonder if due to more up-to-date software it might not make more sense (or or could be more sense) to jump to Fedora.

Is there anything that speaks for Fedora besides the more up-to-date software? Or is there something generally speaks against it?
Has anyone ever been able to compare both minimal templates?

Personally speaking, I prefer debian. That’s because it has longer release cycle. When you use minimal templates, you have to maunally configure many things. Probably you don’t want to lose them when you upgrade, e.g, from bullseye to bookworm. So a longer release cycle means less maintenance workload.


I’ve personally found that the fedora minimal template is much larger on-disk than the debian minimal templates, though I could have missed something and be wrong on this.
Disk size could be a consideration if you have many templates