"Minimal Installation" option

Anybody else think it would be cool if after installation when configuring default templates and such, if Qubes 4.1 offered a “minimal” option? I.E all templates installed are minimal debian or fedora whatnot?


If it isn’t too much to ask, I’d like a minimal installation ISO for advanced users that only bundles minimal Fedora, Debian, or both, and doesn’t set them up for you. Right now, I spend a lot of time deleting non-minimals and installing minimals whenever I setup a new machine, so skipping these steps would be nice.

The reduced ISO size would also make it possible to burn onto single-layer DVDs, as the current ISO size requires dual-layers.

it also would be possible to install qubes on smaller usb (16gb usb) or run live (i don’t trust and like unman live iso)

We have this in the pipe, but after stable R4.1 release. The idea is to provide “flavor” like we already do for example with ISO embedding kernel-latest (CI purposes, users wanting to test latest kernel, etc.): QubesOS 4.1 (alpha) Signed Weekly Builds


Glad to hear that

If it isn’t already in the works, might I suggest that ISOs containing latest stable kernels get released on some sort of schedule, since a major hurdle to installation is the dom0 kernel being outdated for newer hardware. This can get especially problematic since one or more years can pass before a new stable ISO is released.

For example, after installing the R4.0.3 ISO on my 10th Gen i5 laptop, I had less than one frame per second and a unuseable touchpad, so I had to fix the problem using just the keyboard and a lot of patience.

Updated the title to make it hopefully more clear

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