Microusb to RJ45


I need to buy my first laptop and I would prefer a small factor.
I’m hesitating between those two


My question is about the microusb to rj45

I know lenovo’s uses it often. If I recall correctly, I know that qubesos needs to be able to restart the USB devices and si there is a need to have several USB controller to separate the USB ports.
So are those microusb usually separated from the other usbs ? So that I would be able to have access to a mouse and keyboard from a logitech dongle for example.
How would I see it with usbview ? I’ve read that I would be able to see if the USB ports are separated or not but I’ve tried on other hosts and I only could see that it was not separated or separated by plug in a hub into it.
Am I right or should I interpretate the informations in another way.

Are they usually incompatible ?

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about USB-C connector on these notebooks?
It seems to be Thunderbolt port so if you get Thunderbolt-Ethernet adapter then Qubes will see this Ethernet adapter as PCI device.
You can also get USB-Ethernet adapter and connect it to Thunderbolt port and I think it will be shown as separate USB controller.

Not thunderbolt.

As you can see in the title and as i’m explaining in the post, i’m talking about microusb to ethernet.
The kind of adapters that lenovo is using a lot. And one of the two link provided present the same kind of connection. A microusb to ethernet through a provided adapter

Both of your linked notebooks have Thunderbolt USB-C port. There is no MicroUSB ports on either of them.

I think you are misreading it.

This one has a a real rj45

That’s the one at 700 euros

This one has a microusb to rj45

That’s the one at 1200 euros
And you can see the microusb between the jack plug and the SS plug

My bad, at first look I thought it’s mini DisplayPort.
This seems to be just USB connector but is not actually connected with USB bus as it shows as PCI Ethernet adapter:
0000:00:1f.6 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection (13) I219-V (rev 30)

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Aaaah thanks for that piece of doc.
Now I can be more or less sure that it won’t be considered as a USB component then

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: