Microphone from 3.5mm earphones not working or detected in dom0


I was wondering if anyone here has had any success getting working a microphone attached to 3.5mm jack headphones.

My Qubes installation is on a Macbook Pro 2012 and the headphones I’m trying to get to work are Apple’s Earpods. They do work and are recognized as an output device when connected to the headphones jack (there’s no microphone jack) however in qui-devices, only the internal microphone is detected. Same in whatever else audio control utility is available in dom0. Additionaly, running pacmd list-sources with and without the headphones connected yields no difference in the command’s output. The audio codec is Cirrus Logic CS4206, as evident from /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 file, while the audio card is HDA Intel PCH.

From the looks of it, this looks like a driver/kernel - hardware compatibility issue unfortunately, but I’d like to know if anyone here had a similar issue or knows a workaround to get the microphone working. Let me know what type of log output you want me to include in case you want to help.

Thank you!!

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I’m not sure if you want specific experience of your hardware.
I use a headphone/mic combo on x220 and x230.
The mic isn’t picked up in dom0, when the headphones are working:only
the onboard mic is available.
I generally attach the sound card to a specific qube and use it there,
and the combo mic is usable.
I haven’t bothered to investigate this.


Thanks for your response, unman.

Unfortunately I remember trying this a few days ago and I just ended up with no sound at all, even after detaching the audio card from the VM I was testing and a system reboot was necessary to get sound working again.

You dont need a reboot - read the docs on reattaching PCI devices - HINT,
it’s a FAQ