Method to temporarily disable memory balancing/balooning

It would be useful, for testing purposes at a minimum, to have a way to temporarily suspend memory ballooning in a running VM, perhaps with the option of first asking it to release unused memory to Xen. And then a way to resume memory ballooning in that VM.

Is there a currently-available method of doing so?

Might also come in handy for minimizing unavailable unused memory during a suspend process (if not done already).


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I concur. I totally left memory balancing because of this, and I don’t regret while using zram with zswap disabled. it helped me to more thoroughly organize myself, how much and what will I run in separate VMs.

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Yeah. To reiterate, it’d be nice to have a command line way from dom0, such as a new qvm- command or perhaps via overloading qvm-pause/qvm-resume, to squish a domain and then take it out of balancing temporarily, whether suspending or not.


sudo xl mem-set personal 1024
sudo xl mem-max personal 1024

That will allow you to reduce the memory allocated dynamically.