Messed up NetVM orders. No connection now

Hello Qubes forum,

My first post on here. I been trying to mess around with setting up a VPN but I didn’t fully understood the steps and ended up messing up the netvm orders now I don’t get any wifi connection. I did had some firewall rules setup for the vpn but I think I’ll start over again. I’m new to this OS no idea what I am doing but im figuring things out by trail and error.

so as I understand the order should be: sys-net VM gets networking from firewall netVM? But now sys-firewall netVM cannot loop? or should I keep sys-net VM’s networking empty?

Honestly I have no idea… been really tedious to setup and would like some help to have it back as I initially started so I can try setting up a VPN that connects before whonix as that was my main goal

hi !

sys-net doesn’t have a NetVM, it’s itself because it connects to the real network

sys-firewall should have sys-net in NetVM

Regular AppVM qubes should use sys-firewall (MullVad VPN in your case), and then if you configure mullvad properly, the qubes you want to use the VPN should use MullVad VPN as their NetVM).

As a reminder, templates never have a NetVM (I can’t see your whole qube list)

Hi thanks for the fast reply. I followed your guide actually on wireguard setup haha. I switched it up. Now when i connect i get an orange and green computer sign on top right. No wifi bars. When i setup up the vpn i used to config file the server showed up on add vpn tab. I had it setup then i added the killswitch and dns leak thing now i dont connect at all.

In the qubes settings of sys-net, check the Devices tab to see if a line looking like a wifi device is in the right column.

try also to stop and start sys-net (and all other qubes), you should still have the computer icon on the top right, in red,for sys-net, but here I can’t tell if it’s the one from Mullvad and sys-net is missing.

Focus on getting networking working again before doing anything related to firewall or VPN :+1:

Hmm. I shut down everything and got the wifi bars back but anon-whonix doesnt load any tor pages. Even tho my tor control panel says its connected to tor.

try to run a ping “” from the sys-whonix qube to see if it really has networking

Hey I finally got it back up and running! Thanks for the help
This os bit confusing at first but I’m getting the hang of it.

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