Message threading broken

I get forum messages through email.
Recently message threading seems to be broken in a way that it wasn’t
before - this means that a single thread may present as two, three,
sometimes four, separate threads, all having the same title.
(By “before”, I mean, in 2022.)

I don’t think this is down to any change at my end.
Has there been any change on the server that could account for it?

Has any one else noticed this?
Can it be fixed?

We’ll investigate this. Thanks for reporting.

@Sven have you experienced this as well?

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I haven’t noticed such an effect on my end so far.

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I see the same issue.

An example : the “Ryzen 7000 serie” thread in my MUA.

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I should have looked harder and can confirm:

The issue appears to be caused by a change in how Discourse reports Message-ID, In-Reply-To and References:

1/17/23 22:04 +0000
Topic: 14538 Post: 71

Message-ID: <topic/14538/>
In-Reply-To: <topic/14538/>
References: <topic/>

1/18/23 21:02 +0000
Topic: 14538 Post: 72

Message-ID: <discourse/post/>
In-Reply-To: <discourse/post/>
References: <discourse/post/>

This looks like a server side update / configuration to me.

Another interesting feature is that for most threads in the past,
replies were all shown at “top level” as if they were all replies to the
first post.
Very often when a thread is (now) broken I see proper message threading
in the broken thread.

None of this is a major issue because in mutt I can easily stitch threads back
together, but it is a minor new annoyance. And it is definitely new.

I found a discussion about it, but it’s from september last year. Supposedly they made a fix, but I don’t know if our version already has it