Memes about Qubes OS

This one I did make. :slight_smile:


i remake it


laughs in laptop

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Qubes OS User

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Heh heh, I was trying to read this meme and thinking damn, if i didnt understand Cyrillic this would likely be much less confusing to read LOL

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yup… really want to figure out salt

Loved the achievement meme.

There were previous ones for that Memes about Qubes OS - #72 by quququbebebe

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@deeplow What do you think about splitting this thread to “Discussion of Qubes memes” and leave this one only for the memes themselves?

That right there is a meme xd

qubes vs hackers edit


I’m surprised nobody has done one about dual-booting Qubes

why there is a mouse pointer in the gif

ha, didnt even notice that until you mentioned it. IDK. seems to be a bug with Add text to Animated GIFs

Not much of a meme, but imagine this printed on the front of a T-shirt:


If you know…you know :wink:


I’m fine the with occasional comment. But like everything, if there is a theme to the discussion and it’s a bit off topic it can be split.

Compartmentalization is not new - on the Euphrat and Tigris they used it already 4000 years ago - so let’s learn from the old engineers …


Epic @GWeck. I love the visual analogy. Great reminder of how old this technique is.

Windows XP

If your password was converted to hex, than decimal, and it turned into money, how much money would you have? :smirk: