Memes about Qubes OS

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(as a response to the sys-usb going down mem)
Happened to me only once so I didn’t bother with looking for a real solution (maybe a command in Dom0 to START sys-usb in 120 seconds, just before I stop it?) :thinking:

If I’m doing it deliberately (like, for instance, because its template is updated and it shows as needing a restart), I can just restart it…mouse and keyboard freeze for 20-30 seconds maximum.

I also have a cron job, set to run every minute, like this:

qvm--sjtart --skip-if-running sys-usb > /dev/null 2>&1

that will cause it to be restarted if it’s down. That guards against accidental shutdowns. Max wait time a minute and 10 seconds or so, and that’s IF i killed sys-usb immediately after the prior run of the cron job.

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tell me I’m not the only one

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my first meme ever

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A friend doing surrealism drawing, usually for OpenBSD, made this one after I talked a bit too much about Qubes OS and my OpenBSD related project OpenKuBSD :rofl:


GPT had a crack at some meme ideas. These are just basic ideas, you can refine the prompt to generate some truly magnificent ones if you want to spend the time to give feedback.

  1. The Fortress of Solitude: Picture an image of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude with the caption: “My QubesOS computer: the only place where I’m truly alone.”

  2. Security Overkill: A picture of a bank vault door with Qubes logo on it. The caption reads: “When you’re accused of overkill, but you’re just using QubesOS.”

  3. Remembering Windows: A person sitting in front of a QubesOS computer, with a thought bubble showing a “blue screen of death” from Windows, and the caption: “Remember when this was our biggest problem?”

  4. Easy to Use: Show a complex control panel of a spaceship with the QubesOS logo and the caption: "QubesOS: So easy a rocket scientist could use 9¢ with the caption: “Feeling like this every time I boot up QubesOS.”

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Ice Qube - Major Update Rap

(Verse 1)
Yeah, we’re back, it’s time to code and produce,
Turning heads with every line, our software qubes,
We stack 'em high, no bugs, no excuse,
From alpha to gold, watch the code that we fuse.

We started from scratch, now watch us amuse,
With every algorithm, we’re bound to enthuse,
Faster, smoother, can’t help but enthuse,
This software’s the future, no way we’ll lose.

Four dot two update, our qubes on the rise,
Upgrade your code, reach for the skies,
We’re the ones redefining software’s embrace,
Qubing it up, we’re setting the pace.

(Verse 2)
We hear your feedback, it’s the coder’s muse,
Improving the experience, no option to snooze,
User interface, now it’s sleek, no abuse,
We’re the architects, watch how we use.

New features drop, we’ve got nothing to lose,
Pioneers in the field, no way we’ll refuse,
Automation, AI, it’s a win-win cruise,
Four dot two update, we’re shedding old views.

Four dot two version, our qubes on the rise,
Upgrade your code, reach for the skies,
We’re the ones redefining software’s embrace,
Qubing it up, we’re setting the pace.

(Verse 3)
Security locked tight, we’re the digital sleuths,
Guarding your data, like warriors with no truce,
We fend off hackers, we’ve got the right tools,
Four dot two update, we’re the guardians of use.

Compatibility’s key, no platform misuse,
Cross-platform magic, in every produce,
From Windows to Linux, no matter the shoes,
Four dot two update, we’re chasing no ruse.

Four dot two version, our qubes on the rise,
Upgrade your code, reach for the skies,
We’re the ones redefining software’s embrace,
Qubing it up, we’re setting the pace.

So when that update pops on your screen, don’t snooze,
Our qubes of innovation, you can’t refuse,
Four dot two version, we’re the ones to choose,
Elevating your software, no more to confuse.


Pretty nice! That deserves it’s own thread. It’s not everyday someone makes a Qubes rap!

Update: it’s now in it’s own thread Ice Qube - Major Update Rap

Screenshot from 2023-12-26 13-44-48


Screenshot from 2023-12-26 14-11-18


I cant believe I’ve just now found this thread, these are awesome! :rofl:

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Screenshot from 2023-12-26 14-06-55


Behind the “Xen Hypervisor” there should be a Clown armed with a water pistol, tagged “Dom0 running Fedora” :laughing: