Memes about Qubes OS

they think docker is good enough… which might me true for their use case, but having a real “cloud” shit is much more revarding (and secure). Until they need netadmin rights and geht pwnd lol

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Months? Guess I’m slow :rofl:


im working on it for years… i might underestimated with “months”

PS: I am really glad that i am not the only one facing those problems.

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Only a 20 min adventure roflmao


Nope definitely not alone. But I’m confused so …

“Show your desktop”-like thread - only it’s from the point of view of sys-net:
(Also, I got exactly 2222 rpms in my Fedora 36!)

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On a decade old thinkpad? WTF!




Meme specialists,
Wonder if not great heads memes unexploited.
Confused example:
Imagined Heads Qubes install (empty alcohol bottle required):

Actual Heads Qubes install:

Yeah I know I no good at memes. Sorry :laughing:


We also liked to call this Qubes Transferal Installation

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I surf the internet in dom0

How about making backups onto a disposable VM?



Goddamn this was annoying. This picture actually describes the situation perfectly.


[redone as a reply to Litter_Box]

I actually solved this by creating a cron job that checks if sys-usb is running. If not, it starts it. Then I set the cron job to run once a minute.

So if you whack sys-usb by mistake (easy to do if you’re shutting down lots of things in that running-qubes widget), just wait a short while, it will come back.


I have a confession to make. When I wrote this, I was laughing my ass off…because I actually do make my backups to a disposable VM. The only reason it’s not stupid to do so is that it does mount external (to the VM) storage to put the backups onto. The VM is evanescent, the storage is as permanent as anything in computing.

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Wanted to get this up for the holiday …

"¯_ (ツ)_/¯ "

Merry X-mas just the same!

(as a response to the sys-usb going down mem)
Happened to me only once so I didn’t bother with looking for a real solution (maybe a command in Dom0 to START sys-usb in 120 seconds, just before I stop it?) :thinking:

If I’m doing it deliberately (like, for instance, because its template is updated and it shows as needing a restart), I can just restart it…mouse and keyboard freeze for 20-30 seconds maximum.

I also have a cron job, set to run every minute, like this:

qvm--sjtart --skip-if-running sys-usb > /dev/null 2>&1

that will cause it to be restarted if it’s down. That guards against accidental shutdowns. Max wait time a minute and 10 seconds or so, and that’s IF i killed sys-usb immediately after the prior run of the cron job.