Maybe global settings need default button

I want to update dom0 with tor network, but forgot the default settings… Developers, you’d better consider the default settings button for forgetful users :slight_smile:.

I don’t get it, what do you mean by ‘default settings button’ ?
isn’t there a default updatevm for dom0 in global settings?

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I think he meant a button to “restore everything to default/initial” (like it was right after installing Qubes)

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There is no “default” since there are options at install.
Restore to Initial settings would be a good idea, but it would have to
cope with changes to, or deletion of, templates, and the scope for
confusion is high.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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Qubes menubar → Qubes Tools → Qubes Global Settings → qube defaults:
dom0 update qube: sys-whonix
clock qube: ?
net qube: sys-firewall
template: fedora-minimal
disposable template: fedora-minimal

I am changing Dom0 to update with Tor network, but forgot the previous settings.

what do you mean by previous settings? ideally that there’s no default settings because we choose it.

but qubes default installation is using sys-firewall to use dom0 update vm.

and clock is sys-net

Isn’t Dom0 set to be updated with the tor network by default?

I had previously chosen not to update with the tor network, but now, I understand that updating with clearnet is more unsafe. So I wanted to know what settings were made when updating with the tor network. The dom0 I know was initially updated with the tor network. That’s why I thought the default setting button might be good.

I just remembered that I set the dom0 to clearnet update via terminal. Maybe I can prepare the same command for a dom0 over Tor Network update. It won’t be a problem for whonix when it’s set to Sys-net clock, will it?

default is firewall, it’s whonix who offer to use tor as dom0 update.
but you can assume that they are both default.

as far i remember no, i’ve been using tor as dom0 update in the past.