Many websites refuse to connect from Tor

Many websites refuse to connect from tor.
Is there any good solution?

ask the server administrator to unblock tor connection.

or you can set up vpn over tor but read the risk here Combining Tunnels with Tor

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“Good” can be a very subjective term. Because the sites in question have inadequate service staff/solutions, the easiest way for them to “defend” is to do “dumb” blocking via blacklists.

One thing that you could try is to use a browser with a built in “VPN” (ie: Opera) such that your final hop doesn’t actually originate from the tor network.

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This is a question better asked in other venues since it’s not Qubes-specific.

Please ask it here: (or better yet, look for a topic on the subject – there must be plenty)

Closing the topic.

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