Making Forum Account Deletion More Visible

Continuing the discussion from Please delete my forum account:

should we add a sub-section of Forum Feedback for account deletion requests? so that way folks who are looking find a dedicated place for it?

i was a bit surprised to learn Discourse’s approach to this since it’s not super intuitive. reading up on it it seems that users can delete their own account only if it is relatively new with few posts and afterward they need to request forum admins to delete it (which in this case is anonymization in order to keep post history but remove all personal information related to the account, including account name, email, etc.)

i guess i understand their approach in terms of maintaining post history by default but i still don’t understand why Discourse doesn’t allow a user to do the anonymization request (and action) themselves.


I’d be in favor of this. Maybe “Feedback” » “Forum Account Deletion”? And there being only a pinned post explaining how this can be done? At least it would be more findable.


That sounds fine. Can always change it later if it seems like people still aren’t finding it.

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