Make desktop/OS look like other OS

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to search this for hours without succes, because I was looking under the word template and later searched on ‘theme’, but still without succes.

Is there a link to an overview of different use cases, or some (video)tutorials I could find on installing this?
I imagine this would have to be installed in dom0, but not sure if it would be safe, or is there a safe method by just using some images.

Themes support is quite limited in XFCE.
Go to System ToolsSystem ManagerWindows ManagerStyle tab.

In fact, if you have 1080p+ screen on PC the only good choices are Default-xdpi or Default-xhdpi.
All other options are not good if you do not like GUI to be too small. In this case - you have almost no choice of styles/themes at all.

And note that all qubes have their own style (KDE and GTK) and it is NOT easy to change them in Qubes OS. Specially KDE styles, it requires a advanced work (maybe I do not know alternative easy solutions).

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