Make a VM small like sys-net

I made 2 network kinda VMs one sys-vpn, and one sys-whonix-vpn which uses the VPN VM.
Now they are using each 3984MB ram. How can I make them as thin and small as sys-net oder usb-net with just 384mb?
I used this tutorial to setup the VPM VM for example, just basic fedora template.

That’s how memory balancing is working in Xen, it’ll give the VM maximum memory available and can reduce the memory later if it’ll be needed by other qubes and no more free memory will be available:

You can disable the memory balancing if you don’t need it and the qube will only be assigned with minimal memory.

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You can also reduce the memory allocations to the new qubes: sys-net has
memory ballooning disabled, and only 400M allocated.
If you think you are getting issues with memory allocation then you can
reduce the maxmem setting for qubes to less than the default: qvm-prefs QUBE maxmem.. Otherwise, leave it alone, and dont worry about it.

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How do i turn off memory ballooning? :slight_smile:

Qube Settings → Advanced tab → uncheck “Include in memory balancing”