LVM - pool00 ERROR


Getting the following error message:

Cannot create new thin volume, free space in thin pool qubes_dom0/pool00 reached threshold

WARNING: Sum of all thin volume sizes (<1.63 TiB) exceeds the size of thin pools and the size of the
whole volume group (<237.47 GiB)

Is there a disk analysis tool available which shows a breakdown of the pool00 lvm?

Is it possible to see what is taking up the majority of the disk space?

in dom0 run:
sudo blivet-gui
This will give a tool like gparted but fedora flavor!
Now! the adventure begins!

Then do this
sudo pvs

sudo pvresize /dev/mapper/luks-(your stuff here etc:.) --setphysicalvolumesize [size]g

sudo lvextend /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root -L +20G

sudo resize2fs /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root

Fell free to dm me if you need any help!


This post was helpful. The issue I’m having (more specifically) when I look at the logical view is the

sys-usb vm is showing up as being 180 GiB in size which is way more than is necessary. I think i need

to resize this thin volume somehow, as opposed to the entire disk.

The other interesting thing that is returned is when running the command:

sudo lvs

WARNING: Thin volume qubes_dom0/vm-sys-usb-private maps <42.21 GiB while the size is only
4.88 GiB

I reduced the size of the sys-usb VM from 180 GiB down to 5 GiB, but there is enough data to take up
42.21 GiB of space. What could be taking up this amount of space? The only change made recently
to this VM was the installation of the kloak package.

Should this qube just be reinstalled?

Could you share vm log with me?
We could do it here or privately.

Its better for Qubes community to have the resolution documented I think.


qrexec-daemon[7856]: qrexec-daemon.c:1214:main: qrexec-agent has disconnected
domain dead
qrexec-daemon[7856]: qrexec-daemon.c:1106:handle_agent_restart: cannot connect to qrexec agent:
No such file or directory

qrexec-daemon.c:1216:main: Failed to reconnect to qrexec-agent, terminating

another interesting thing is when you run sudo lvs; it returns all of the VMs, but it shows a

backup copy of each one; so all of the thin volumes have been backed up but its on the same

hard disk, as opposed to having them backed up to an external disk.

The best approach to correcting the sys-usb issue seems to be removing and then reinstalling as per:

When attempting the reinstall of sys-usb, the following error is returned:

qvm-template: error: Same version of template ‘sys-usb’ not found

upon update of the fedora-36 template; this issue appears to have been corrected. fyi