LUKS password screen hangs if HDMI is connected

I am using Qubes 4.1 on my G14 laptop and have noticed that I need to unplug my HDMI cable before booting to be able to enter my LUKS password. After the password is accepted I can reinsert the HDMI cable.
If I keep the HDMI connected throughout boot then I can’t enter the password in the LUKS screen using either integrated or external keyboard, even when the external HDMI screen is turned off.
Anyone encountered this?

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I am experiencing something simlar: On a multi monitor system this issue occurs when more than one monitor is connected during boot/ luks password prompt.

CPU: Ryzen Embedded V1605B
GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 8
Release: Qubes R4.1
Monitor: Multi Monitor Setup, all of them connected via HDMI.
Keyboard: USB Keyboard connected through sys-usb. (No PS/2 available, unfortunately.)