Lspci command not found Qubes 4.1.2 Debian 11

Fresh install 4.1.2 (side note, from that start refresh rate is horrendous and i’m barely able to move the mouse in Anaconda on a new 13th Gen CPU with internal GPU, but if you get patience to install, updating kernel fixes it). Only changes i set was set default template to Debian 11, and make sys-net disposable. During install got “Error starting Qube!” popup with “Unable to reset PCI devices…no FLR, PM reset or bus available” which was on my wifi card. After setting it to “no strict reset” i was able to launch sys-net but wifi card is no recognized, started to troubleshoot issued lspci but got “command not found” started Debian 11 qube, same thing, checked /usr/bin there’s lscpu lsusb etc… but no lspci ? There is lspci in Dom0 and on Fedora qube. Was the install corrupted, not sure what else is missing?

Welcome @JohnCubed

I don’t know if lspci is expected to be available in the Debian template by default. (I don’t believe so.)

If you want to install it, lspci is part of the pciutils package.

# in the Debian template
sudo apt install pciutils

Source (the package info is at the very bottom of the page):

It’s not.

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