Low sound with external speakers

I installed Qubes to my PC and followed Audio qube guide to set sys-audio successfully. However, compare to before using Qubes, the sound is very low/quiet. No problems with quality and latency, just the “power” of sound so to speak. It’s about the 1/3 or even 1/4 of what was previously to installing Qubes.
Audio speakers(logitech) connected through audio input, I don’t know what’s it called, it’s in my mother board, there are three color inputs there, for sound, microphone and something else.

I tried to increase the output in pusleaudio settings(the decibel param), but it affected quality very badly.

Windows 10 was installed previously on that machine, perhaps I need to install some proprietary software for linux so it will work correctly?

You can boot from some LiveUSB (e.g. from Fedora Live image, the same OS as in dom0) and check the sound there to see if it’s a problem with Qubes OS or with Linux kernel drivers.

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You’re right. With Fedora Live it’s the same… I will investigate this on another forum then I guess.

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