Low on space in thin pool qubes_dom0/vm-pool

4.2.1 install, cloned the debian template to add some unofficial repos. Then soon ran low on space in vm-pool after creating some app-vms. Whats the best practice to fix this?

Probably screwed up manual partitioning during install, as I wanted to use only a part of the disk.

You’ve assigned most of your disk space to root LVM thin pool instead of VM LVM thin pool. By default Qubes OS installer assigning 20G to root thin pool and that’s enough for default Qubes OS usage. All other free space should be assigned to VM thin pool.
I think you’ll have to backup your qubes (don’t forget to verify it), reinstall Qubes OS and restore from backup.
The thin pool shrinking is not supported in LVM so there is no way to shrink root pool and extend VM pool without some hack.

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