Love of Qubes and alertness

Greetings, I would like to talk about Qubes help.
As far as Qubes is known mainly on the help of the community, such as: financial assistance, testing assistance, forum assistance, help, help writing code, help in ideas.
Before I chose Qubes as my main favorite in the digital world, I wandered for a long time, I was looking for what I am perfect for my tasks, what I will be sure that I will not be socially on the knee of a couple of enthusiasts, and at that moment I found Qubes , I studied it for a very long time and each time admired him from my results with him, this is the truth of the magic operating system created by geniuses. I am very worried about what event scenarios can lead Qubes to decay, so I support it with all the ways you can, testing, financial assistance.
There are only a couple of operating systems and distributions of Linux that are created by brilliant creators for people, and it is incredibly great.
In this thread, I propose to discuss possible negative options for Qubes and the ways to solve them …
Also, I want to ask people who enjoy Qubes and elded to provide support for the project as it is possible, not necessarily financially, but at least testing or offering their ideas.
I want people who work on Qubes, not only developers, and also people who are looking for vulnerabilities, come up with ideas, make the design even and assume did not think that the community would not support them as morally and in the rest of the spheres, since Qubes is much without Thinking critics, and sometimes they create the illusion of the majority, I want them to know that this is not so and I urge all people who have something to say about the positive qualities of Qubes, express this here.
Qubes is Rubicon dividing adequate peace from the world of madness.
I also want to warn in advance that I do not treat the Qubes team and express my opinion on my own initiative.
I wish you a good evening and night. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would say that nothing is perfect, to get something you need sacrifice something. As i believe till now, there’s only 3 element that works in a system, it was Security, Functionality and Usability, you may learn more about that in ethical hacker topic.

Qubes and Windows are both good, I use them based on what i need.

I’ve learn some from “oldest” people in here, and maybe you know that linus torvalds has said in debian conference that he don’t use debian because he can’t install it, you can watch the full version if you want

Before using Qubes i only use Debian for a long time, on debian I can do everything and play like windows despite the fps drop. I know that using dual boot qubes and windows isn’t good, imagine i meet with Important person, and want do something then qubes isn’t work :cold_face:.

The problem is how much you want to learn, how much time do you have.

It can be long, but i think it’s enough and hope you get my point.

I do not play games, but I tried to do this through linux hvm, everything worked fine for me, unlike windows hvm, where, as I understood, 2 video cards and 2 monitors are needed.
I just had a situation when windows did not work at an important meeting)
I agree with you, it all depends on the interest.
Personally, I confidently built Qubes after thoroughly reading and understanding the documentation, along the way understanding the terms and mechanisms that are indicated there.