Lost USB keyboard after updates

I just updated my system then rebooted the desktop. Now I can’t type my password into the decryption screen. Any suggestions other than buy a PS2 keyboard? Running 4.1, just installed all updates, and had no issues before updates rebooting and logging in. Thanks

Do you have current-testing repo enabled in dom0? Do you have sys-usb? Have you done steps in USB qubes | Qubes OS, or used something else (perhaps no sys-usb at all)?

add qubes_skip.autostart on kernel parameters, and examine what the real problem caused it.

I believe I am running the latest stable (not testing).

Yes I am using sys-usb set-up according to the instructions listed for USB keyboards to make them available on boot and have rebooted tons of times prior to today without issue.

How do I add kernel parameters?

I will say on my second screen it says “Warning: USB in dom0 is not restricted”

After a while of waiting a terminal prompt appears asking for the root password and I can type just find in that field. Just couldn’t type into the GUI password prompt to decrypt. Is there a way to trigger the decryption from the command line prompt that appeared asking for root password?

in grub menu, where you can select which entry you want to boot, press e

and edit line contain ...rd.driver.pre=btrfs btrfs quiet then after quite add qubes_skip.autostart f10 to boot.

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Well… I rebooted to get to that screen and ADHD kicked in and I missed the screen. However… I was able to type my password in that time. Only difference, I unplugged my 3rd monitor to use with another computer in the meantime. So, maybe just a weird one off bug with 3 monitors on the graphics card?

And yes, I rebooted several times this morning before submitting this thread.

Either way, I’ll say this is resolved until I can replicate it again. I’ll mess with it after work today.

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