Lost my Qubes boot entry. There are some complications preventing me from solving it easy

F***ing Windows wiped my Qubes boot entry after some update of disk drives (or something). Killed all day trying to solve it myself. Watched several similar cases and found out that commands adding boot entry were different in every case. Have read official manual to only find out that I understand 30% of written.

Need to describe a liitle my special case: my device has two drives: ssd and hdd. Since ssd has Windows I installed Qubes on hdd (to test this OS). But installed not on entire disk but created for this special partition. During installation installer created another few ones. After installation I had two boot entries and set Windows to be first in boot order.

So… Now I created Qubes installer again. Entered rescue mode (it said that there is no Linux partitions). Manual says: " Examine /boot/efi/EFI/qubes (if using Qubes installation media, it’s in /mnt/sysimage/boot/efi/EFI/qubes". Was not sure if I understand correctly what it wants me to do so just typed /mnt/sysimage/boot/efi/EFI/qubes and pressed Enter. It said that there is no such file/directory. Decided to reproduce only last part “4” from that chapter. Found my Qubes disk name and its efi partition. Used that line from part 4 but instead of adding entire disk name added only disk partition where Qubes was installed (since it was installed not on entire disk but only on partition), then specified partition where was efi. Pressed enter.
After reboot Qubes boot entry appeared but it doesn’t load system. The only thing I can read from the lines that pop up is: “There is no configure file”.

My guess is that I probably need to try to specify the entire disk where Qubes installed instead of only partition where it’s actually installed. But before to proceed I want to ask here if I do everything right. Afraid of making any harm to hdd with its data. And what actually is the actual command adding boot entry for Qubes 4.2? In all topics it was a little different (sometimes including names of previous versions while there already was newest one at the moment of time when that topic was created).


THANK YOU very much! You saved my OS and time! But how now to delete the wrong boot entry? It remained in boot menu.

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Found this but how to find out the boot number? I’m about what’s in “Removing UEFI Boot Entries” section. Seems it’s not boot order but something else.

UPDATE: Now, when I have read carefully I understand why you were silent. :laughing: The answer was right in the paragraph above. :laughing: All this is because of English is not my native language and when you read something fast and being out of balance then it’s easy to miss something.
So, all you need is to enter efibootmgr and it will list all existent boot entries with their current numbers.
And to exit that mode you need just to type reboot and press Enter. :grin:

And by the way, how to exit and reboot from that menu proparly (where you edit boot entries)? I always had to turn comp off for this.