Lost All VM Qubes Failed - Hard Restart battery died

this is the 3rd time this has happened. its very frustrating that something as simple as a accidental reboot/restart completely destroys qubes OS. my laptop died and when i tied booting up again, i had the error “Qubes os Daemon Failed” which ive had before. qubs logs in but once i boot into OS nothing is able to be launched. No VM no qubes manager nothing except dom0 files. i took my ssd out and put it into a laptop that supports legacy (dell xps only boots uefi). ive done this before and explained/got support in my other posts.

now the ssd isnt recognized by any laptop i put it in. i even tried booting from a usb qubes reinstall and clicked rescue or recover and it just booted into a black and green terminal shell and said no linux detected. i cant even reinstall qubes the ssd isnt detected when i try the reinstall process. i cant even install any os now, the ssd doesnt seem to be detected by anything.
any other options to either recover my files or just reinstall any os at this point??

You stated…now the ssd isnt recognized by any laptop i put it in…

Well the ssd is damaged,dead. Can happen to any hardware when ever there is a (power surge,power disruption,power is cut off). Time for new ssd and image. Hope you have a backup on another ssd. If so then you can just restore after you get new ssd.

Sorry about your pain and if you have a backup then you will be good.

Also buy better ssd’s. All electronics have tolerences and when you buy higher end stuff they can tend ti have more resilience.