Looks like NovaCustom is working on Qubes OS compatibility too maybe get a laptop certified

Found this post on the Dasharo GitHub

Thank you. I will contact the Qubes team to see if we can get what we need, as we are willing to become a Qubes OS certified partner.

I don’t think there is any guarantee that this will result in a laptop being certified, but who knows.

Even without certification, just getting a company in the EU that sells an alternative to the Librem would be nice, not having to pay import tax would make it a lot more affordable for EU consumers.


Is there any way we could help them along? Maybe some presale or list of interest?

I’d be happy to at least try pushing something like this on Twitter if these folks are up to it :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m Wessel from NovaCustom.

So yes, our firmware developer’s team and some Qubes OS developers are working together with us to realise Qubes OS certified laptop with full compatibility.

We have no official release date yet, but if everything goes to plan, it won’t take that much time until we have our products live.

We have a ‘to notify’ list, so if you want to get a notification for Qubes OS certified laptops, you will have to contact us (NovaCustom) directly.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question here that might be relevant for others too.

Have a great day :smile:


Hi there,

It took longer than expected, but this has finally been realised :star_struck: