Looking for laptop- Qubes OS, AMD CPU, 32GB Memory & "still free"

This is what I wanted to upgrade to back when such a system didn’t exist. Please tell me my wait is over ! I have some technical abilities but they are likely below most of you guys.
I’ve been clutching to my Asus X551MA, 2 core w/ 4gb memory, Intel Celeron N2815 running win 8.1 pro for way way way too long.
I would normally refer to such as a POS, however it performed amazingly well at 99% CPU for many years. In the first few years it actually said it was up to 104% CPU. lol
I’d run two video editors, a virus scan & have 15 windows open, while watching music videos in MPC-HC without a hiccup.
Well, those days are over. It’s ready to just play those music videos and retire from everything else.

I looked at Purism and Libre… not real impressed.
Haven’t taken a closer look at Talos yet but that’s my next stop. Is it supported in Qubes now?

What I really need is just a few options that cover my needs.(even one option would work!) I do a lot of video editing and will be getting more into AI soon.

As “out of the box” as possible with recommended upgrades would be a big help.

There are so many options out there that I’ll never be able to decide on what’s right for me so hopefully you guys with more knowledge can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

Okay, maybe not Talos… holy crap, those are spendy! I’m thinking more around 2k or less.

Curious, why do you say AMD processor?

Also, do you have any experience using Qubes?

Rumor is that Purism may be about to release a new model, or maybe the product will not be a laptop.

Nitro Key in Europe. And the same company which manufactures the laptop sold by Nitro Key, NV something. Current model Intel Processor.

I have no vested interest in any of these companies.

There is the HCL - Hardware Compatibility list. evaluations of hardware tested to use Qubes. Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS

Then again, I bet you have seen all this. You want someone with a good experience in a particular model to speak up. And that is not me.


I have a thinkpad x13 gen 1 with amd 4750u 32g ram. 32g is enough for what I’m currently using it for.

I have wanted to get into running LLM’s but It doesn’t run quite good enough for me. If I dedicate the proper amount of ram to a debian 12 appVM running GPT4Free (which is 16gb for a 13b LLM) I get a couple tokens per second. Qubes must add a lot of overhead because when I’m running Ubuntu on the same system I get a reasonable 8-9 token’s per second.

I also run with turbo mode disabled to keep my computer from overheating but I’ve tried temporarily enabling turbo mode and it doesn’t appear to make things run noticeably better.

There used to be random restarts that would happen. It was some power management problem that was fixed buy the qubes team maybe a year ago but it’s been working flawless since.

I’m afraid to get a new system that might not be supported as well so I’ll try to stick with this one. Maybe a year after a ryzen 7000 thinkpad has been varified to work on Qubes for a good year then I will think about switching.

My solution I’m thinking about for running LLM’s might be to get a mini pc that can run a local web interface.

Anyone else running LLM’s on their systems?

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Two products:

  • The Librem 11, which is a tablet, so probably not for Qubes OS
  • The Librem 16, which is basically the successor to the Librem 15

Their product names were directly acknowledged in Purism’s investor emails, but it is not clear when either of them will be formally announced, or their hardware specifications otherwise.

Historically, Purism has never used AMD processors due to the lack of progress made towards reverse-engineering the PSP.


Sorry for not replying sooner but the day after posting this I took an ambulance ride to the hospital and spent a week there. Currently still in Afib so it looks as though my laptop will be on hold until I can get things back to normal (?).
Thank you to all that responded
hangin’ in there :slight_smile: R. Hack

I am curious, Why is AMD a requirement?

Sorry about your situation. I have something similar going on.

I need to use a Sleep Apnea machine to help treat AFIB. BTW, Bi Level machines are much more comfortable to use.

Just an update for you in particular, the Librem 11 tablet has been released, uses PureBoot Basic (Coreboot + Heads), and supports Qubes OS.


FYI: As my other laptops seemed to be hardware hiccuping, I just acquired a Lenovo T480:

This particular one. 14 inches. Core I5. 8th generation. 16 GB RAM. Screen 1080P. Can be upgraded to 64 GB RAM.

$199.00 plus shipping. $217.00 or was that tax? RAM addition is not cheap.

Not sure if this computer tickles your need for an attempt at real security.

No it does not: I have a hard requirement for hardware kill switches, and cannot consider using anything without them anymore.

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