Long-term chronic hacker problem


Long story short I’ve had chronic hacker issues for 20+ years.
Why? Because I was/am one of the first people to be “cancelled” in sm. My crime? I dated around for 2 years - 20x years ago and lied about it. The people whom control the lipstick mafia sm/hollywood have some rich backers with big time agendas. My stupidity and loose tongue made me their favorite poor schmoe toy.

My question is what steps can I take to harden Qubes 4.2 on my pc?
I’ve got more than 20 years of IT experience but I’m getting old (61) and make a lot of mistakes.

Besides any hardening tips, I am also looking for the best IDEs that would alert me to any changes in the system (e.g. Wazuh), any free security tools, and any recovery tools or techniques.

I just switched back to Qubes a month ago and have already had to reinstall twice. BTW, I would LOVE to give my system data back to the development team on a regular basis because this would show them how one or more professional hackers break into Qubes.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.