Logitech Universal Reciever not recgonized as Mouse USB

I have been using Qubes for a couple of days setting up my workflow and learning about the system. My mouse is a wireless logitech mouse with a USB dongle. It has been working fine in that sys-usb recognizes it as a mouse, and per my rules in qubes.InputMouse, prompts me to connect to Dom.

Now however, while sys-usb recognizes when I plug the dongle in (Device Logitech_USB_Reciever is available is prompted, and I see it listed as a USB device in the USB manager), I am not prompted to attach the mouse to Dom.

The mouse works fine on other devices, and up until I shutdown my computer for a night, has been working fine on Qubes. I have reconfigured my input files, and have recreated sys-usb using qubesctl state.sls qvm.sys-usb however it seems that Qubes is not recognizing that the USB receiver is a mouse device.

I have followed the information found in the USB mice documentation but it has not resolved my issue.

I am using Qubes on a laptop, so I still have full access to a keyboard and trackpad to make configuration changes.

It now appears that my global clipboard is also not working. I can copy text, but cannot paste. Maybe the issues are related?

It seems you have an error in Qubes policy files in dom0. Check the ones that you’ve manually changed.

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I added policies when attempting to set up Proton Mail Bridge, after removing these functionality returned.

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Thank you for reporting ack @OffensiveMongoose !