Login screen glitches revealing desktop portions

I have an error that occurs that I feel like is actual normal behavior from Qubes. It seems to be a type of memory allocation issue/failure, maybe due to insufficient space from running more VM’s that the memory can work with.

The login screen (not the LUKS, the qubes login screen), pops up over the screen and any movement over it reveals tiny portions of the desktop, usually it goes away once you switch workspaces. It never forces me to login, only pops up the loading screen for a instant. Nothing seems to close or be affected and all other systems seem unnaffected by the error, despite a visual hiccup, it does not seems very performance-based.

I am wondering if this loading screen error normal behavior for other qubes users who are running more VMs that their memory handle. Maybe it’s a bug or a type of malware instead, I remember some caution coming about from having full screen windows in Qubes.

Part 2
I had a separate weird hiccup yesterday where all the net VMs dropped at once, which was very weird and definitely affected the performance. I think this was fixed from switching my net-vm to HVM but the sys-net template might still be compromised due to running it in PV. Anyone ever have all the netvms, firewalls, and whonix just drop from the qubes toolbar? The applications GUI’s did not drop, but lost all connectivity and just stayed dormant/very slow.

Part 3
Can you delete and replace the original sys-net without ruining operation?
Can you delete and replace the original sys-whonix without ruining operation?
I ask because I had broken my entire system the other day and had no network connectivity, which happened after deleting and recreating sys-net and sys-whonix from the Qubes Manager, this could also be a failure of adding the necessary services for them to operate as proper VM’s that supply updates to dom0 etc…

hmmn? Not sure on these please help, that’s why I came here to the Qubes Community. Thank you Qubes Community.

I know qubes has their security team email, so I have that on-hand in-case we discover something is awry in my partition of Qubes. I have an ongoing court case currently for petty misdemeanor and their is a certain group of law enforcement targeting me currently for my political beliefs, so leaving a sophisticated threat actor out of the equation is a lapse in reason.

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Hi @qubesuser69, for separate issues (part 2 and part 3) could you move them to separate threads? This helps keep discussions organized.

I’ve also renamed the title. Feel free to adjust it.

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For 1st issue, just disable display compositing, it’s a known issue: Frequently Asked Questions | Qubes OS