Locked USB keyboard sys-usb luks


After manually creating sys-usb qube, restarting OS, now unable to use USB keyboard to enter passphrase for luks. These steps appear not work as I cannot reach settings.

This appears to work but not sure how to do.

Thank you. Intel Nuci5FNHCA.

Did you do this?
sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard

Where I could, no. Can do it now some place?

Dont think so, reinstall and us ethe above command and the usb keyboard with work during unlock.

@abc I can just confirm @anonymous.

Do YubiKey not Detected in Device Manager (USB-keyboard enabled) also worked for me (I am also using a NUC :wink: )

No need to reinstall - that’s absolutely the last resort.
If you are using legacy boot, then you can interrupt boot, and edit
boot parameters to restore the USB controllers to dom0.
Dont know what the equivalent would be for UEFI, if there is one.

Otherwise, boot from installer, get shell and edit the parameters there.
If necessary hobble sys-usb to avoid it starting and stealing the usb
devices until you are ready.
This has been covered on the mailing list a number of times - search the

If you need more help, post whether you are UEFI or legacy boot, and
what level of Linux knowledge you have.

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  • Legacy boot:

    1. At the GRUB screen, hit ‘e’, then remove rd.qubes.hide_all_usb, then boot
  • EFI boot:

    1. Start with a LiveCD, mount your ESP FAT partition
    2. edit: EFI/qubes/xen.cfg
    3. note what the default= kernel is
    4. edit the kernel pointed at by default to remove rd.qubes.hide_all_usb
    5. reboot without LiveCD
  • That will allow typing your disk encryption password and logging in. Then, reconfigure sys-usb:

  • qvm-remove sys-usb

  • sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard

    • This will recreate sys-usb AND enable USB keyboard login

My understanding is very little, beginner. Solutions appear to work but did reinstall Qubes. Apologies.

I use the Legacy boot method and Qubes allows me to enter LUKS password. But at the user login screen, my keyboard doesn’t work at all, so I can’t log in and continue reconfiguring sys-usb. Any ideas?

Qubes OS is R4.0.4

use qubes installation media (in troubleshoot mode), decrypt the disk, then follow this guide

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My set up did not come with the installation media. Can you guide how to proceed? Thank you

Probably to get any Fedora live usb, or any other distro?