Locked myself out by unchecking autostart of sys-usb

Hi, everyone! I’ve locked myself out of Qubes in the process of trying to switch the template used for sys-usb. I cloned the sys-usb qube, added the USB controller to the clone from the devices tab in settings, checked autostart in the clone, and then unchecked autostart in the original sys-usb qube. After doing this, I rebooted the OS thinking that the clone would now be used. That didn’t work, or I did something wrong in the process, because now I can enter the encryption passphrase, but the keyboard does not work for entering my user password.

I am running Qubes version 4.1.2 on a desktop that has no PS/2 port. It only has one USB controller that I know of. I have the USB drive I used to install the OS. I switched boot order in BIOS, and I’m trying to use the rescue portion of that installation. I first selected option 1, but that asks for a passphrase, and the keyboard stops working. I then selected option 3 for shell, but from there I do not know how to proceed. The keyboard does appear to work for the shell.

I would like to avoid doing a complete reinstall if it is possible.

You need to add the parameter qubes.skip_autostart to grub when you boot.

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Thank you so much! I don’t know how I missed seeing that in documentation. :joy: That got me back in, and without needing to use the USB drive with the installation file. Now I will see if I can switch the sys-usb template, and then remove that parameter.

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