Lock Screen Icon - Fire on Screen?

I just wanted to ask is it normal if when I lock screen, there is a “fire on the monitor” icon on the left side of place for entering password? I didn’t see that before.


this icon is XScreenSaver icon (the program doing the screen lock), it should display Qubes logo when locked, not its own logo.

thanks, do you know how to switch it back or what could cause that “logo switching”? I don’t think I changed sth in xscreensaver. Also I cannot open xscreensaver, only xscreensaver settings (when I click xscreensaver, nothing happens)

Just looked at XScreenSaver source and laughed a little bit :rofl:

Quoting from code

/* If you are looking in here because you're trying to figure out how to
   change the logo that xscreensaver displays on the splash screen and
   password dialog, please don't.  The logo is xscreensaver's identity.
   You wouldn't alter the name or copyright notice on a program that
   you didn't write; please don't alter its logo either.

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