Localhost in a Qubes VM

I don’t really know if this is of any use to anyone, but I did find it somewhat challenging to get one of those ‘LAMP’ sorts of things up and running in Qubes-OS. In an AppVM.

It involves Apache2, php7 something, mysql and phpmyadmin, and the biggest thing was running a dedicated standalone VM. It was mainly to make it faster to make changes without having to run the template and edit that, and then restart the AppVM, although there maybe other benefits too.

There seems to be not a lot of reason to run a web server on something with such an incognito purpose as Qubes, so maybe that is why there seemed to be some surprisingly uncharted trial and error with the exercise. Anyway, if you want to run Apache2 et al. in a Qubes VM, and are puzzled, please let me know and I’ll do my best to try to remember how I did it. Good luck.

Hi Sean.
My name is Greg and I am a a fullstack web developper. Until now I develop web applications in a local environment using Laragon in windows.
in order to enhance security and privacy, I decided to develop from now using qubes os 4.0. Laragon allows me to develop Laravel apps using nginx, mysql in php. I have searched solutions to build a local web dev environment but found nothing pretty relevant so far. i tried to use vagrant but i faced some issues since vagrant uses libvirt in qubes which has no relevant box provider for the dedicated laravel homestead install. I have tried to install laravel directly on an AppVM but it did not work also. Finally, I read out your post and I would appreciate a lot any help from your side. How should I consider things, which should i deploy to build a functionnal web dev environment in qubes os tu use daily laravel ?
thanking you in advance for any piece of information,
Best regards,

Hi Greg (@striker) and @Sean,

I suggest you try with podman which works fine with a fedora template. I don’t use it for web dev, but for CI.
With podman, all the docker images are usable…

See a related topic:

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Dear Greg,

what a surprise to receive your email after such a long time away. May I apologise if I might have consigned any previous correspondence to a folder without reading, because I tend to just store the Qubes forum summaries without reading as I am busy doing other things than IT lately.

It seems I might have pre-empted my foggy memories to come when I posted that post last December. I can’t actually remember the details on how exactly I did it now, apart from the standalone VM as already mentioned. I am using Debian VMs if that might provide any clues.

Laragon, nginx, and libvirt are beyond my old-fashioned understanding, so please excuse my simple mindset at the best of times, because after so long away from the industry even the things I was familiar with last year are like a foreign language this Thursday in June.

One thing worth mentioning, and this is to configure a basic LAMP sort of setup: apache2, php7, MySQL, (maria?) and phpmyadmin. I think I remember installing them all sequentially using apt, rather than any kind of bundled .deb arrangement. I vaguely remember having quite a rough time getting the new mariaDB thing to behave itself, but it somehow came together and I knew exactly how I did it six months ago.

It really does seem like a hundred years ago now, but I have reset my password and logged in again for the first time this year, so now I can start checking in ever few days to see if there are any posts related to this.

The old phpBB forum software I got running on the standalone VM last November 27th is still sitting there in original condition from the install, so if there are any particular things you’d like to know about which I have not covered yet, please ask and I shall try to remember to login again tomorrow.

Please understand that my web programming skills are limited to HTML, javascript and simple PHP. The MySQL stuff is something I am totally inept at.

I hope this might give you some clues, but please feel free to ask questions and I’ll check in every day for the next week if I can remember to do it.

Yours Sincerely,

Sean Moran.

Looks like you worked it out. Bye.

Hi Sean (@sean) and Ludovic (@lodovic). I hope everything is ok for you. These latests days were hardworking ones from my side and though, I was not so completely free to go on with the development of a web dev lab. Finally I decided to have a look on Ludovic 's solution and… After having read a lot on podman I realized how simple it could be to set a proper working env. I decided to try it out. At the moment, it is not completely set up since I encouter minor issues dus to my lack of knoledge regarding podman but I think I will have set it up by the end of next week. ( I have 2 courses to animate this week and i will not be available). Of course, i’ll take you advised.